Nikitin Oleksandr Volodymyrovich

Phone: +380937683083
Skype: wizzard0
Address: Ukraine, Kyiv

Goal: Bring security & privacy to those who care.

== General skills ==

- Product and systems design
-- International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) member, from 2010
- Security engineering
- User-extensible, scriptable, modular programs
- Thick client, Web applications, Rich internet applications
- Graphics programming

- Windows, Linux, mobile platforms (ARM, Sony PSP, Android)
- Technical English (fluent), spoken (intermediate)
- Remote development experience

== Technologies ==

- C#, since 2002, WPF (since 2007)
- Javascript, since 2007
- Python, since 2007
- 3D graphics
- Security engineering, reverse engineering
- Cryptography
- Some knowledge of F#, C/C++, Java, Erlang, Lisp
- trying something new each week

== Interests ==

- information security
- code analysis, code generation, cross-compilation
- game development, computer graphics
- sociology, psychology, natural language analysis
- asynchronous/parallel programming
- information management and organization
- systems engineering, resilient systems
- teach and be teached, help others :)

== Education ==

Mostly self-educated.

2006-2010: National Technical University Of Ukraine
"KPI", faculty of Applied Mathematics, CS dept
- Achieved BS degree, avg grade 4.74 (of 5)

== Work experience ==

Feb 2013-present: Toliman LLC (Master of Chaos)
Bringing security & privacy to those who care.

Mar 2012-Feb 2013: IT Hit/Cosi Consulting (Senior Developer)
Developing the corporate Dropbox-like product
- C#, Windows, AD/Kerberos, CMIS, Documentum, virtual FS, shell extensions
- Major refactoring and quality improvement of the old version
- Design and implementation of new version

Feb 2011-present: Neko Consulting (Information Security Researcher, Part-time)
Architecture and development of the TrueLink secure messaging platform:
- C, C#, Windows, Linux, Android
- product design, threat & security model design
- advanced data deduplication engine
- lots more

2010-Mar 2012
Information Security consulting for Codedgers:
- Obfuscation, deobfuscation and reverse engineering of .NET, Java, Javascript code
- Malware analysis, exploit analysis
- Threat modeling and research
- Development of automatic malware classification and recognition system

Sep 2011: Universinet (Consulting, project finished)
- Porting Boo compiler to Unity3d runtime

Feb 2010-Feb 2011: Neko Consulting (Senior Developer)
- Modular, customizable Javascript obfuscator
- Custom JS runtime (to learn JS and embed JS to .NET apps)
- Encrypted P2P wiki/document management system.

Sep 2009: Terex - Digital oscilloscope software (consulting, project finished)
- Ported legacy digital oscilloscope software from C, Delphi to C#
- Fixed some bugs in ADC board driver for Windows

Aug 2009-Jan 2010: Sunnet (Social network development)
Local social network development (project was underfunded and then stopped)
- Integrated SSO on existing resources (forum, chat, customer support etc)
- File sharing service
- Cross-compiling C# to PHP (to share codebase with php code), contributed to JSC cross-compiler

May 2008-Aug 2009: Insollo Entertainment
  MMORPG game development [ ]
- Server: script compiler, development/debugging tools, 
  Custom OODBMS development (dynamic scriptable code/data storage)
- gameplay programming, scripting (Python)
- Client: networking, graphics/animation library, GUI

== Other achievements ==


May 2012: Designed and implemented prototype for advanced 
secure deduplication engine for TrueLink, outperforms most commercial solutions
( )

May 2011: Development of portable .NET 3.5-compliant crossplatform embedded runtime
Reverse engineering of some .NET internals

Jun 2010: Ported .NET runtime to Sony PSP (For fun)

Aug 2009-Feb 2010: Involved in development of the JSC cross-compiler ( )
QA, standard library, crossbrowser issues, optimizations, etc.

Oct 2009-Feb 2010: Mentoring of the Imagine Cup contest team MTK

Oct 2008: Participation in the 'Programmania' contest, results at (Participant ID #600)
Notable results in Silverlight (3rd), Flash (14th), Multithreading (15th)
of about 2000 participants.

Feb 2008: Training of Kyiv "Doslidnyk" programming contest winners' team
     for the Ukrainian state programming contest.
(project review, advices, help with speech/presentation preparation)
results: two 1st places, one 2nd and 3rd out of 5 team members at the
Ukrainian state contest

Feb 2008: Judge in the Kyiv "Doslidnyk" programming contest

Jan 2007-Aug 2010: Collaboration/file sharing network
 (personal project, uses .NET Reflection, Networking)
project had about 10 users (mostly friends), was eventually closed.

Jun 2006-Dec 2007: Multiplayer shooter development (non-commercial, XNA),
project currently inactive (lack of art/content)

Mar 2006: 2nd place at Ukrainian state programming projects contest ("Doslidnyk"),
 Multimedia/Research automation section ( )
 (Project for easy integration 3d visualization with existing
experimental\scientific software, C#/Directx)

2005: 3d space simulation game (C#/Directx)
project was not finished (stopped at techdemo stage)


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